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rv-pro.com August 2018 • RV PRO • 17 receptionist and it wanted someone bilingual. Warr answered the company's call. "I was excited to try out all that Spanish I had learned in high school and college," she recalls. "Within the first six weeks, they promoted me from receptionist to a customer services rep." Warr quickly moved up the ranks. Within the first five years at Valterra, she was promoted into the sales department and finally into her current role which she has held for the past 25 years. "Since I started so young and worked so hard early on, many customers just assumed I must have been family related to Val- terra, when actually it was those good Midwestern family/hard working genes instilled in me," she says. One of the individuals spearheading her career growth, she says, was her boss George Grengs. Grengs, Warr says, helped her make the transition from customer service to sales. When Grengs first approached her about moving into this new role she didn't think she was qualified because all she knew was customer service. "His response was that customer service is a part of sales and that I was really good at it," she says. Grengs, she would later discover, had already determined that sales would be a role that she'd excel in. "I think they realized that I was a good listener and quick learner. I was trying to figure out and understand what the cus- tomers needed," she says. The first couple years, Warr started going to trade shows, which enabled her to quickly learn about Valterra's products. She later moved into doing presentations during customer visits. "It's amazing when you are given new tasks how you just rise to the challenge. It was a lot of fun," Warr says. Of course, career advancement did not come without its chal- lenges. Warr says that during her first few years in sales, she handled both the aftermarket and OEM divisions. "The OEM division was so much of the good ol' boys who initially only wanted to speak to a man," she says. "I had a lot of fun answering their technical product questions and surprising them that I was knowledgeable about our products." "I quickly gained their respect," she adds. The industry, Warr says, has changed a lot over the years and women are treated with respect more equally. What she likes about the RV industry is that it is close knit. "Everyone is friendly, even with our competitors. At the end of the day, it's all just about doing a good job and having fun while you do it," she says. And, of course, Warr says Valterra is like her home away from home. "Valterra is such a great, family-oriented company that really treats their employees really good," she says. "It's nice having two families – my family at home and my Valterra family."

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