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rv-pro.com August 2018 • RV PRO • 19 Jane Morgan, President, Special Auctions Division, ADESA It wasn't long after Jane Morgan made her foray into RV and marine auctions that she made her first personal investment in an RV. Today, Morgan is now on her fifth RV and heads a division of auction solution provider ADESA dedicated solely to specialty vehicles such as RVs. "Owning an RV has helped me understand more what the expectations are as an end user," says Morgan, who defines her division as covering virtually "everything but a car." For her RV clients, Morgan regularly applies her insider's perspective, developing auction condition reports (CRs) and mobile auc- tion tools that further customize the experience for her clients. Of her many career accomplishments, Morgan is most proud of the work she's been able to do to streamline and improve the auction process for RV sellers. For RV sellers who opt for the company's mobile auction, instead of transporting their vehicles to one of ADESA's 28 specialty auction sites, the company's electronic CRs guide them through a series of questions spe- cific to RVs – all on a small handheld device similar to an iPad. The electronic CRs also give sellers the ability to upload a large number of high-resolution photos of their RV units. ADESA provides a mobile auction unit that travels to a seller's site, as well. Morgan also considers her division's development of both the RV Confidence Program and Marine Inspection Programs among the most important contributions she's made to spe- cialty auctions at ADESA. These programs give bidders access to detailed vehicle inspections. In addition to being an avid RVer herself, Morgan also has become plugged in to organizations like RVIA and the RV Dealers Association to keep up with the economics involved with the RV industry. Morgan says she was surprised when she attended her first conference to see a large number of female participants. Growing up, Morgan's mother possessed a college degree at a time when few women did. As a result, Morgan says she has never considered that her gender might ever become a barrier for her. "I was raised by parents who emphasized education, who taught me that if you do your job, and you do it well, you will be successful," she says. Morgan's upbringing and the strong work ethic instilled in her by both of her parents have supported her professional growth throughout her long career, from her beginnings as a controller through various leadership roles within ADESA. Through her steady climb from ADESA controller in Dallas to head of the auction company's national specialty division, Morgan says many mentors shaped her education and experi- ence. "Jerry Pyle provided what was probably my first exposure to being customer driven and employee driven at the same time," she says. "Barry Roop was also an important influence. I used to watch the way he was able to satisfy the customer. He backed his employees but also kept the dealer happy." Roop, part of ADESA's sales team, also helped to broaden Morgan's professional horizons, given that the majority of her work experience to that point had been on the finance and operations side of the business. "John Hammer, our president, has been a friend as much as a mentor," Morgan says. "He has such a passion for this industry and, to this day, he loves what he does." One important thing Morgan says Hammer taught her was the importance of truly listening to what ADESA's customers and staff want and to think outside of the box. "He says you have two ears and one mouth," says Morgan. "We should always listen more than we talk." Morgan also has enjoyed the development of professional relationships in the industry and often encourages peers and others just beginning in her field to become involved in RVDA and RVIA. "Those dealers are so much fun to work with," she says. "They don't come with egos. They love what they do. I encourage others to get involved in the industry, volunteer more, and get to know the dealers."

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