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22 • September 2018 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ELECTRIC SIGNAGE "We are able to help the sign makers make their signs much more glamorous," says Huang. Color changing is also a big difference maker. It holds an advantage of switch- ing the edge light from blue to red on- the-fly, for example, or simply creating a color scheme for a specific occasion. "You can find RGB options, remotes, and dimmers for edge lighting applica- tions, so you can accomplish whatever you envision," says Parks. "We've seen users change colors for special holidays and months, like turning accent lighting pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October." Having the capability of making these changes with a remote or even a motion sensor helps to capture attention in highly trafficked areas such as trade shows or point-of-purchase locations. A display's light "can be (controlled) by dimmers, and/or DMX giving you a number of options for timing, brightness, dimming, and more," Meyne says. "You can add motion sensors that get brighter or dimmer, or allow color changing," explains Huang. "Take a piece of white acrylic, when it's not lit you won't see anything, but when it is lit, you see an image popping up. Coupling that with a motion sensor, you get the 'wow' effect that's really in your face. The image lives in our dot pattern. It's all about how you apply that." Of course, the quality of the lighting is what really impacts the display, and sign makers should focus on the impact of the actual LEDs with edge lit signage. "I would say that the biggest advance- ment would be the efficacy of the LEDs," says Reis. "I am able to get the same lumen output from 6.2 watts per foot as I was getting from 9.5 watts per foot. This also cuts the cost down in the quantities of power supplies needed." Meyne too points to the efficiency of LED products saying, "LED options only get better relative to performance/illu- mination, white K temp options, colors and even RGB." He also suggests that there is an energy-saving aspect to LEDs that helps LEDONN provides edge-lit turnkey solutions to clients. (Image courtesy of LEDCONN) Edge lighting gives a plain sign a more attractive and easily visible display. (Image courtesy of LEDCONN) Principal LED's Project Manager Jordan Rhodes and VP of Customer Service Kevin Noland stand next to the company's edge-lit acrylic monument in their booth at the 2018 ISA Sign Expo. They used P-LED's high-density Light Tape 600 to light it. (Image courtesy of Principal LED)

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