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120 • RV PRO • September 2018 rv-pro.com A F T E R M A R K E T SPECIAL PRODUCT FOCUS LUBRICANT & PROTECTANT PMS Products, Holland Mich., presents Boeshield T-9, a lubricant and protectant developed by The Boeing Co. Boeshield T-9 is paraffin wax-based product that lubri- cates and protects for months. Boeshield T-9 has many uses in the RV industry lubricating slide-outs, jack stands, steps, tow bars, awning hardware, hinges, locks and hitches. T-9 also can be used for protection of electrical connections and vehicle undercarriage. www.boeshield.com PROTECTS FLOOR HEATING SYSTEM F l e m i n g S a l e s Co., Elkhart, Ind., presents Transfer Fluid, which pro- vides freeze protec- tion for RV floor heating systems. It is approved for use in Aqua-Hot Flooring Systems. The fluid has high boiling points, pres- ents low or no fire hazard, and has high specific heats and thermal conductivities. It is specifically formulated with inhibitors to provide a pH between 9.0 to 10.0. It is available in two sizes: the gallon size can be used as-is; quart size should be diluted with 2-parts distilled water and 1-part concentrate. www.ouioutdoors.com LEAK FINDER Sealtech Mfg., Macomb, Mich., offers Sealtech 43O-AL, which makes ingenious use of a very simple fact: Air flowing through an opening covered with a soapy water solution produces a bubble precisely at the opening. The system draws outside air into the RV creating a positive interior pressure. This pressure difference causes air to flow outward through any outer skin faults. The application of a soapy water solution to suspicious areas of the outer skin results in a very visible bubble exactly over each fault. www.rvleaks.com STOPS RUST & CORROSION Fluoramics, Winona, Minn., is packaging its HinderRUST S4.0 rust stopper and lubricant in an aerosol spray can that allows for quicker and more uniform coverage. Unlike other forms of aerosol rust stoppers, Hin- derRUST S4.0-ASC uses a propel- lant that immediately dissipates upon spraying. That means HinderRUST S4.0-ASC is still solvent-free and safe to use in enclosed areas. HinderRUST is available in three versions: R2.0 for short-term surface protection; S4.0 for standard rust-prevention uses; and HV100, which slowly self-polymer- izes over time and provides added protection in cases of extreme expo- sure to rust-producing conditions. www.fluoramics.com

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