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rv-pro.com September 2018 • RV PRO • 125 ODOR ELIMINATORS Kanberra Group, Lancaster, N.Y., stops RV odors from bumper to bumper with the all-natural Kanberra lineup of gel, spray, wipes, soap and essential oil products. Eliminate odors in an RV and keep them from coming back during seasonal driving and extended storage periods. No perfumes or artificial scents. Made in the U.S.A., Kanberra only uses Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil certified by ATTIA Ltd. www.kanberragel.com MOISTURE ABSORBER WM Barr, Memphis, Tenn., offers DampRid Mega Moisture Absorber to attract and trap excess moisture to prevent musty odors and moisture damage. The 5-pound container lasts up to six months, making it well-suited for winterizing a stored RV. Excess humidity causes condensation on walls and musty odors on fabrics. DampRid's natural crystals work to reduce humidity to 50 percent and not any lower. It won't dry the air to a level that damages an RV. www.damprid.com ONLINE NOW! A comprehensive guide to vetted RV industry suppliers, manufacturers and distributors Visit rvp.nbmguide.com Find RECOGNIZED SUPPLIERS for All of Your Company's Needs Learn more at: kanberragel.com / (800) 683-0021 #stopthestink Kanberra ® – Also available: Kanberra Diffuser ® & Kanberra Essential Oils ® Kanberra Wipes ® For a quick wipe down prior to storage Kanberra Premium Soap ® - For your hands after cleaning Kanberra Spray ® Eliminates odors instantly Kanberra Gel ® Cleans air & surfaces while RV is in storage A must for winterization

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