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rv-pro.com September 2018 • RV PRO • 141 weathering resistance, according to com- pany representatives. "The product is applied using the PowerCure dispenser and cures largely independent from atmospheric con- ditions to form a durable elastomer," says Mark Daniels, Sika vice president, Industry Transportation and Appliance and Components. Sikaflex-268 PowerCure is suitable for bonding and sealing, can be used for exterior joints, and is solvent- and PVC-free. "Sikaflex-268 PowerCure not only delivers fast curing time, it also allows for a long working time followed by fast strength build up," Daniels says. "This allows for versatility for our customers in terms of climatic conditions, application speeds and application locations." The other major Sika product line tar- geted for the RV industry is an acrylic adhesive used for high-strength bonding called SikaFast. The applications include front and rear, flooring, roofing, exterior panels and interior panel and trim. Like its name suggests, SikaFast is a fast-drying, low-odor, two-component adhesive. It is suitable for structural and semi-structural bonding of a wide range of substrates used in RV assembly, including metals, plastics, glass and oil-coated steel. Sikaflex and SikaFast may lack the glamor of other RV components, but they both are crucial to the industry, according to company representatives. Solid Prospects for Sika Whether it's entirely new product lines the company has developed or existing ones that have been updated for OEMs' needs, Buraczewski is optimistic about Sika's prospects. "Some of our products will help the industry by streamlining existing processes with quicker application times. Maybe, we can introduce a technology that will take a process from requiring four people down to two people," he says. "We think that will be attractive to the RV industry." He concedes that Sika is up against "some tough competition that's well entrenched in the RV industry," but says the company is up to the challenge of convincing OEMs that what they buy or how they build an RV "doesn't have to be the same way it's been for the past 15 years." MORE INFO: 260-768-7990 www.pinesrv.com 6-YEAR WARRANTY Now Available: Next-Day Delivery through Meyer Distributing REPLACEMENT COOLING UNITS Certified GREEN RVs RVs... built smarter BE THE ENVY of other RV Manufacturers www.certifiedgreenrvs.com mandy@tragreen.com Become CERTIFIABLY ECO-SMART Bronze • Silver • Gold • Emerald • Off-Grid

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