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rv-pro.com September 2018 • RV PRO • 153 See Figure 1 on page 154 for a brief overview of our evalua- tion of this dealer's fixed operations as they stand, and a guide for where things should stand for an optimized dealership. So, when that dealer said he was satisfied with his current oper- ation, my response was: "If this operation ain't broke – break it!" I'm not done yet, it gets worse! The service manager just got promoted to this position and has no experience in managing service operations. Of course, my obvious question is: If anyone thinks they can do the training and make the needed changes by themselves why have you not already done so? What are you waiting for? Why are your technicians – who are producing a dismal 20 hours per week – not on performance- based pay plans that com- pensate to motivate? Why don't the service advisors use main- tenance menus based on time and/or mileage that train their customers on how to properly service their RVs to keep them in a safe and reliable condition? I'm guessing you're getting my point by now. For those of you who think investing in training for your fixed operations team is expensive, consider this: The absence of professional training in this dealership is costing this dealer $51,000 per month for a total of $612,000 a year in lost parts and labor gross profits! How many motorhomes do you have to sell to produce that much profit? Investing in Employees Pays Big Dividends When it comes to investing in your employees with a profes- sional training plan designed specifically on the needs of your dealership operations, I find far too many dealers focus like a laser on "How much does it cost?" as opposed to "How will we benefit from this investment?" Yes, I said investment – not cost. The cost is a one-time event, whereas an investment is an ongoing long- term proposition that produces benefits like these: 1. Lower employee turnover 2. Happier employees 3. A higher level of customer service 4. Positive word-of-mouth advertising 5. Higher customer retention 6. Stronger recruiting skills 7. Increased profit margins BETTER TRAINERS. BETTER RESULTS. rvdealerprotraining.com dreed@dealerprotraining.com Call Now for your FREE * Management Training Center Seat ($995 value). 1 . 8 8 8 . 5 5 3 . 0 1 0 0 ✓Better Scheduling ✓Better Productivity ✓Better Profi ts *Limit one free seat per dealership. DPRO-340RVAd3_375x4_875.indd 1 8/16/18 11:06 AM

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