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38 • RV PRO • September 2018 rv-pro.com R V M A N U F A C T U R E R S Work and Play Work and Play is light on details for this year's Open House, opting to say only that an "industry exclusive" will be intro- duced at the Expo. General Manager Kevin Finn says it will revolutionize the toy hauler market because of the enhancements and convenience added to the remote, dry camping experience. Meanwhile, Work and Play will introduce a 29-foot floor- plan featuring a king-size bed, wardrobe with linen slide and 18 feet of cargo space to fit the largest sized side-by-side ORV. In terms of manufacturing, Finn says Work and Play has streamlined the build process and materials for even higher quality while improving the PDI check and providing quicker delivery. Sabre Sabre has two new models coming to Open House. The 32DPT, which features a double pantry, and the 31IKT, which features an island kitchen layout with a rear wall-mounted refrigerator. Changes are coming to the interior design as well. Cab- inetry color will change, and Sales Manager Jeff Cripe says gray is showing up as a positive direction. Using feedback from owner forums, dealers and residential trends, Cripe says designers have gone with a modern farmhouse look including barn-style hardware. "Our designer, Michelle Kaye, is the best. We listen to every- thing she says. She sets our direction and I've learned that even if I'm uncomfortable with some things, she has the pulse of it," Cripe says with a laugh. The actual material of the cabinets has been upgraded as well to include face frames and use of Lumber Core. "We can build a better cabinet in terms of finish, longevity and overall look," Cripe says. "We've labeled it Lock-tite. We've already seen a better finished product in the week we've used it here. We've gone to PVC material for roofing. It's incredibly durable and puncture resistant. It's better than the old days when we used aluminum." The Sabre lineup has moved the Quad-step by MORryde from optional to standard, creating a large fold-out step with a deep entry and exit to the coach, which Cripe says is great for older RVers. An option is an electric residential refrigerator, as well as a 12-cubic-foot option. "We have an amazing group here. Production, purchasing, sales – we all work together and we're responsible for material, which ultimately sets the price point," Cripe says. "We're really keyed in on our demographic. Through those groups, we modify our products so we hit a certain price point and weight. "It shows us: Get really good at what you do and stick with it. Too often, brands will create offshoots because maybe they're unsure about the direction the product should go, so they create a Lite or create an option package," he adds. "We've found it dilutes your focus and confuses customers. We'll create a few more floorplans between now and the end of the year to help bolster our lineup. Right now we have five and we'll probably end up with eight or nine. This allows us to be efficient at turning our inventory. Large runs help keep quality levels up." Rockwood/Flagstaff Rockwood and Flagstaff product lines have narrowed in focus and continued to fine tune product lines for this year's Open House. "We have an outstanding product, so we've just continued to fine tune it to make it more satisfactory to the retail cus- tomer," says John Stringer, who oversees the Rockwood and Flagstaff towable lines. Stringer says the RV maker has taken many options and made them standard this year, as well as introducing more than 15 new floorplans with a big push to increase the company's presence with half-ton towable fifth wheels. "We're offering more units between 24 and 32 feet. We've always been known for being a lightweight builder. Now we offer a lot of 26 and 27 feet," he says. In several of the fifth wheel models, Stringer says they will offer washer/dryer prep. "We are also expanding the Geo Pro and E-Pro line by adding windshields to several models. We tried to reduce options and have more standard features," Stringer says. Sabre is debuting two new models: the 32DPT (pictured), which features a double pantry, and the 311KT, which features an island kitchen layout.

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