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October '18

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8 • A&E OCTOBER 2018 Sublimation technology has taken the awards and personalization industry by storm. With its vibrant graphics and ability to mix with other media, awards retailers everywhere are eager to add this decorating discipline to their business. As its popu- larity has grown, so have the advancements in both the process and equipment as well as substrates available to decorate. Printers, ink, paper, and even heat presses have seen huge leaps when it comes to improvements. On the substrate side, the variety of products available for sublima- tion is virtually limitless. In order to get a better grasp on what advancements have occurred in the last few years and how they benefit awards retailers, A&E spoke with a few industry insiders to get the details. AN EXACTING TECHNOLOGY To fully appreciate where sublima- tion is at today, it's helpful to take a quick look back and compare what's different. While the science behind it is still the same (and still fascinating), today's sublimation equipment and substrates are much more advanced. "Sublimation is more exacting now than it was in its infancy," believes Robin Kava- nagh, Sawgrass. "With any technology, you go through growth and evolution based on continued use, testing, and research." For example, current sublimation systems are easier to use, deliver better color and higher definition images, and use less ink and are more efficient. David Gross, Condé, takes a look at the equipment side, pointing out the avail- ability of turnkey sublimation systems. "For printers, the latest and greatest advancement What's New? Advancements in sublimation technology By Cassie Green Pillows serve as a fresh idea for those customers looking for something unique for their home. IMAGE COURTESY SAWGRASS

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