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12 • A&E OCTOBER 2018 always good to keep on top of what's going on and where it is taking your industry." If you aren't sure how to keep up, there are plenty of resources that discuss the latest advancements as well as hot products that generate profit. "Trade shows and classes are perhaps the best way to learn new stuff because you can touch and feel the products while also networking with others who are already on the road to sublimation success," Gross advises. He also lists online resources such as Facebook groups and webinars as places where retailers can get some knowledge. Coeme adds that shops can reach out directly to manufacturers and distributors of both equipment and substrates for advice. "All have blogs, videos, webinars, or hands- on classes to spread the sublimation gospel," he elaborates. With so much explosive growth, it's hard to imagine what the future might hold for sublimation, but all of the sources believe it's only going to get bigger and better. "I think there is still quite a bit of innovation remaining for inks and paper, although most of the excitement will be focused on substrates," Gross believes. "Expect to see improvements that make things easier to produce." Mugs and other drinkware are among the most popular items currently available to sublimate. IMAGE COURTESY CONDÉ A&E There has been exponential growth in the selection of sublimatable substrates recently thanks to advancements in technology. IMAGE COURTESY SAWGRASS

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