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October '18

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A&E OCTOBER 2018 • 25 what the client wants to the rest of the team. If this isn't accomplished, then the ball will drop and the project will cease. Then comes one of most important members of the team: the graphic artist who produces a rendering of the client's idea. The graphic designer and sales person must work together to read the mind of the client. Many graphic artists want to render what their conception of the project is, but a good one listens and attempts to produce what the client wants. I cannot stress the importance of this phase of the project enough — you are out of the game if this isn't handled correctly. You cannot have predetermined ideas or visions, but both the ideas and the visions must be born from the creative thoughts of the team working with and listening to the client. At this point, these three are the formation of the team: the client, the sales person, and the graphic artist(s). There are more added to the team in order to make it happen, but that is as the project progresses. One company I know of has experi- enced a rough ride during times when the economic climate was on a down slide as large companies often cut back on special projects during uncertain times. In order to be successful in creating the unique, the special team required to assemble it still needs employment. These talented folks are available at a premium and it is a tight rope act to keep them busy at times. However, the upside is the profit margin that can be and often is extreme compared to other areas of this great industry. If the creative side of our business inter- ests you and you are thinking of entering this arena, test your market and see if it Sales & Marketing

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