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Better yet, you may have been aware of the technology for some time now but haven't taken the plunge and added it your business. Maybe the timing wasn't right, maybe it was the cost, or maybe it was "too new." Either way, the technology has advanced considerably over the past 12 to 24 months, and the trend will only continue. Following, I highlight some of the cool things that you may have recently missed when it comes to UV-LED technology. A QUICK RECAP ON POPULAR APPLICATIONS In an article we put together last year, we covered many of the profitable applica- tions that are possible with UV printers … I think I actually used the word "awesome" at least once in that article. A quick public service announcement: Prospective owners are strongly urged to have samples produced or provided by any of the manufacturers. Interested parties should review actual output on their prod- ucts and understand the time and steps it takes to produce a sample to their liking. Don't simply rely on features or statistics of a specific model to tell the entire story of how actual production will go. Now, on to the application recap: While output quality, print time, and process steps vary by manufacturer, a list of similar capabilities span many of the more popular models. Again, please refer to the public service announcement above before making a purchasing decision. Get samples! And don't be afraid to ask some of the following questions. Someone once said that, "Educated customers are the greatest customers." A couple of different things may have attracted you to a UV-LED flatbed printer — maybe you saw one during a recent trade show or demo event. You could have been drawn to the ultraviolet light whizzing across the printer's bed much like a bug is attracted to a light during a summer evening. Or you may have a colleague, friend, or competitor talking up the technology. Either way, there is no shortage of options available and it isn't hard to notice the many manufacturers that continue to showcase this type of equipment. By Michael Perrelli Michael Perrelli, Marketing Manager, joined the Direct Color Systems team toward the end of 2013. Michael brings nearly 10 years of marketing experience to his role at DCS. In addition to managing the development and implementation of lead generation programs, Michael is responsible for managing all of DCS's marketing activities, communications, and strategies. Michael earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Rhode Island. Michael also applies his talents to the oversight of the in-house sample production department and the management of domestic trade show logistics. Awesome Advancements: What's New in UV-LED Technology? 28 • A&E OCTOBER 2018

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