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38 • A&E OCTOBER 2018 to be effective, the letters would need to be big, colorful, and the font style would have to have a certain apple-ness about it. That gets tricky, but with a little experi- mentation, it becomes clear that many font choices do not look at all apple-y. We can try to reason the selection process through, but often it is mostly a gut reaction. (fig 4) Then we think, "What if I do both — include both the image and the word on the sign?" The two together shout out loud and clear and, if done well, with a lot of appeal (no pun intended). (fig 5) Without uttering a sound, I have the attention of some people. What if I include a little more information, such as, "Fresh Picked, Locally Grown, Organic Apples"? Now, not only have I got their attention, but I've also provided some useful infor- mation about how my apples might differ from those of other vendors. (fig 6) In order to make such a sign, we would need to decide on how big to make it and create a new CorelDRAW file with those dimensions. We could then bring in our image file by going to File/Import and navi- gating to that file. The image file could be a painting, drawing, graphic, or photo cre- ated by us or someone else. Using the Artistic Text tool, we can type in the word "Apples," and in another place the descriptive text mentioned above. Once these words are in place, we can choose appropriate fonts, sizes, colors, spacing, etc. These then are the basic elements of our design that we need to figure out how to fit into the dimensions we chose for the sign in a way that communicates our message in the most effective manner possible. Because our elements are all vector objects, they can easily be moved around on the page, resized, etc. In the next several articles, I'll focus on the tools in CorelDRAW that aid us in arranging images, text, and graphic elements on whatever it is we are designing. Graphic Design A&E fig 4 fig 6 fig 5

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