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SET THE BRAND VOICE You set the brand voice through words and visuals. The colors you select, the typefaces, shapes, etc., should all support the voice and tone. Particular words or phrases you use become associated with your company, mission, or goals and become part of the brand identity. How would you describe your brand? Is it masculine, feminine, or gender neutral? Is your brand traditional or modern? What are the key messages about your brand that you want to communicate? Stick to your brand promise and be true to it. Jennifer Foy has over 15 years of experience using Adobe Photoshop. She has received a Master's degree in Design and Advertising from Syracuse Uni- versity and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications from the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. Her years of teaching experience include numerous software and design classes in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign for colleges in Atlanta, Georgia and Louisville, Kentucky. Jennifer is currently working as the Creative Director and Universal Woods with the Unisub and ChromaLuxe brands. Jennifer can be reached by email at BRANDING, Part Two The Visual Side of Branding By Jennifer Foy W e wrapped up the first part of this two-part series in the previous article (The Guide issue, page 44) with what branding is, why is it important, and messaging about consistent branding on items from invoices to packaging and employee apparel. With that, let's talk about the visual side of branding. This is the visual identity, including the logo design, but think beyond just the logo. This is the feeling and characteristic of your business. Your brand is reflective of you. Everywhere you go, promote your brand and be aware that people are associating you with your brand as well as your shop. IMAGE COURTESY JENNIFER FOY Find shapes you like or shapes that are different from your competition. Inspiration can be cut from magazines or images found online as well. IMAGE COURTESY JENNIFER FOY 46 • A&E OCTOBER 2018

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