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48 • A&E OCTOBER 2018 patterns, and more. The artist Louise Bourgeois stated, "Color is stronger than language. It's a subliminal communica- tion." The purpose of forming an identity system is to create an easy-to-use, consistent visual language that supports the logo. This system then complements the logo and cre- ates flexible elements to be able to use in different forms on media or promotion. You don't need to go as far as creating formal style guidelines (but you can if you'd like), which would include things to not do with the logo mark (such as switching colors around, stretch it unevenly one way or another, changing the font used, etc.), as well as if the logo is under a certain size to not use the tagline with it, when to use iconography versus the full logo mark, or even how much space must be between the logo and another image or logo, etc. When you pick your color palette, stick with it. If you update your website or change your location, stick with your color palette. Don't just add an orange wall in your new retail shop because you love the color. If it's not in your color palette then don't use it. If you have a spring-inspired palette (yes, you can even use seasons to help create your iden- tity system colors), then stick with that season; don't add in a dark evergreen shade to some signage to "make it look different." If you need signage design help, enlist a professional. If you are working with a graphic designer and move to work with a different designer, be sure to have the exact color formulas for RGB, CMYK, and the hexadecimal numbers for web use. Brand images or photos can visually set the tone as well. Whether they are tinted yellow and square for a nostalgic feel or colorful still-life images with candy deco- rating the background, how you show or treat the images should be consistent to help set the mood. The same idea applies to textures as well. Colors, shapes, and font choices work together to create the whole look and feel of the company. IMAGES COURTESY JENNIFER FOY

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