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A&E OCTOBER 2018 • 49 If you want to create a cheat system for your identity, look on Canva or Creative Market online. Both of these templates for identity systems are available to purchase for around $10 to $40. The template can then be filled in to use as a reference with employees and for yourself when creating a piece, whether it be an invoice form or patterned tissue paper to be used with your packaging. KICK OFF YOUR BRAND Looking to save money as you kick off your identity system? Make friends with a small local printer for small amounts of letterhead. You could even purchase some nice paper from them and run the letter- head off yourself. Get envelopes printed professionally, unless you are comfortable navigating your printer setup or settings to hand-feed for printing envelopes on site. Other cost-savings ideas: get a stamp made to use on bags, boxes, tags, or enve- lopes. Look for special deals on sites like Vistaprint to run off 250 business cards at a great price savings. Want a square business card or something a bit more creative than what Vistaprint may offer but don't have a local printer to work with? Try the company Moo online for various sizes, paper textures, and more. Both of these companies have fliers, postcards, and other products besides business cards that they offer as printed products. Sign up for online mailing lists to receive email discount codes. I've ordered business cards before at 50 percent off and with cheap shipping for one heck of a deal. Once you have a logo and an identity system, use it everywhere. Be consistent, promote the heck out of it, and enjoy it! A&E

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