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A&E OCTOBER 2018 • 53 A&E: Where did you get your start in the awards and engraving industry? Allen: After college graduation in May 1998, I started with Engraving Concepts (then Brewer Sales) as general technical support and customer service, learning the machines and getting familiar with all of the intricacies of drawing files and engraving files. In the beginning, I was mainly in the office for phone support. But then several years later, I moved into more of the sales role and was performing demonstrations on the road about three to four days a week. A&E: What is the best part about being on the road? Allen: The best part about traveling is being able to see and visit so many places and have experiences with customers on their home turf. I think some customers feel more comfortable at their place of busi- ness than traveling abroad to a showroom. It allows me to see the environment where they conduct business and family time. A&E: What about the most challenging part? Allen: The most challenging part about traveling is on family at home — they not only have to deal with my absence, but maybe most challenging for them is dealing with my return home and messing up their routine! A&E: Can you share some of the most memo- rable moments you've had while traveling? Allen: When I first started at Engraving Concepts (about five years in), I was sent to south Texas to perform an installation of some laser equipment for several customers (down in the valley). In south Texas, there are border patrol checkpoints. On my way back to San Antonio from the valley, I was in a rental car, not in my normal cargo van. I was cruising along when all of the sudden, police and border agents, and barking dogs, were coming at me from the rear, from the front, and from helicopters in the sky. It was pretty cool, but they were not amused that I had inadvertently taken a construction exit that diverted me around their checkpoint! Practically speaking, my most memo- rable moments are those when I was able to play a key role in providing equipment at just the right time that fit into the cus- tomer's budget and would fit their needs for many years to come. A&E: Can you share any learning experi- ences you've had? Allen: Listening to the prospect and cus- tomer is crucial. I mean, listen, and listen for those little flags of information that can make the difference to them and you. ROAD WARRIORS When A&E put out a call for submissions for Road Warriors — the men and women who have and still do put in countless hours on the road visiting customers and building this industry into what it is today — the response we received was phenomenal. We feel these Road Warriors each deserve some recognition, so throughout 2018, we are featuring these people in various issues. This month, learn a little bit about Randy Allen with Engraving Concepts. Randy Allen, Engraving Concepts Randy Allen started working for Engraving Concepts after graduating from college in 1998. ALL IMAGES COURTESY RANDY ALLEN Allen has traveled to a variety of locations performing machine installs, including Hawaii. A&E

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