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October '18

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A&E OCTOBER 2018 • 55 Sales & Marketing comparison purposes, and to analyze how both your organization and those within it are doing. Whether it is comparing sale results on a year-over-year basis, an employ- ee's performance over a set period of time, or the success of a marketing campaign, consistency is the component that measures success or failure. Without sticking to a set plan on any level, it is virtually impossible to determine its overall impact. Understanding where the successes are within any organization and harnessing them is the key to growth. A consistent set of standards is at the front lines of both harnessing success, as well as illuminating failure. In order to successfully grow any organization, both success and failure must be measured and dealt with appropriately. When structure and consistency are established inside an organization, it translates itself to the outside world. Any business is only as strong as its reputation, and if its customers believe that a busi- ness delivers as promised, they are more apt to engage in a relationship with that business. In today's environment of peer- to-peer reviews through the many avail- able social media outlets, it is paramount to develop and maintain the reputation that you deliver what you say you do. It is easy to say something, but if you do not back it up via action, it becomes notice- able. Your customers, just like the members of your team, pay far more attention to what you do than what you say. Building a strong culture of consistency on the inside of your organization will reap strong divi- dends, as those on the outside look at you in a favorable light. Hopefully many strong reviews follow. Word-of-mouth is more important today than ever before. CONSISTENCY MUST BE THE FIRST RULE YOU FOLLOW When establishing the blueprint and guidelines for your business, consis- tency must be at the top of the list. Your employees are not required to like all of the rules that you set forth, but they are required to follow them. After all, you are privy to far more information than they are, and as the major stakeholder in your busi- ness, you have the right to set the standards as you see fit. What you do not have the right to do in a healthy organization is to be inconsistent. Regardless of what it is that you set forth for your employees, it is imperative that you and they all follow the same path. This path leads to higher employee expectations, and to fewer miscommunications between you and your team, as well as to fluid com- munication within the team itself. After all, everyone becomes guided by the same set of expectations. Once you establish a consistent com- pany culture, it allows for easier decision making regarding adding team members to enhance your growth. It lends a clear defini- tion as to whether a prospective employee will fit into your organization. The back- ground of the prospect and how he or she might mesh with your company's culture is easier to see, as the structure you have set forth comes to the forefront. A company and its culture are unique, as is every prospective team member. Proper decision-making regarding new hires is important, and a consistent culture can make this process easier. A new hire that understands your culture and adopts it from the beginning of their tenure within your company becomes productive faster and presents as less threatening to the team members already in place. DEDICATING YOURSELF TO CONSISTENCY ENCOMPASSES YOUR ENTIRE LIFE Consistency takes an enormous amount of dedication, but we must never lose sight of its importance. Whether in our personal lives or in business, ultimately how con- sistent we are guides the perception that others have about us or our organizations. Right or wrong, perception is the way we are judged today. On the personal side, it is about how we conduct ourselves and whether or not we do the things that we say and preach. In business, perception is reality. A cus- tomer has to know that where they choose to invest their money will return value, and a business needs to market and then conduct itself in such a way that it proves the consumer right. This is the key to a happy and mutually satisfying relationship. Dedicate yourself and your organization to being consistent, and you elevate and main- tain the respect of everyone around you. A&E

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