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October '18

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A&E OCTOBER 2018 • 67 have is that they start off with a narrow focus regarding all aspects of the business. Choosing which markets to start with can be daunting. Pick one or two markets to start with and create a successful business wrapped around those markets. When it comes to materials, pick a few to start with and slowly add more as the business grows. One failure many startup laser engraving shops make is trying to take in all types of engraving jobs and all types of materials. It is ok to say no to customers when you are just starting out. Take your time, be successful, and grow slowly in all aspects and you will build a strong and loyal customer base that appreciates your quality and service. FINDING SUCCESS How do you get proficient using the laser engraving system, laser-friendly mate- rials, and learn about the many markets and business opportunities? Take a class. Take a lot of classes. The internet is a good source of information, but taking a class or attending a laser clinic immerses you in the technology and connects you with industry peers. You need to invest in a class on laser processing to get in the game. Phase two of taking a class on laser engraving is to take the information back to your shop and practice. Success comes in many forms that are often not monetary. Successfully oper- ating a laser engraving business is full of fun and creativity that can be both personally and professionally rewarding. Successfully creating a special award or personalized product for a client can be rewarding. Maybe the special product is a laser engraved memorial of a loved one or a pet. Or maybe the specially produced product is an award for top performance or an achievement. Using your laser engraver to produce such special products is both gratifying and rewarding in all ways. Take the time to learn new materials and prod- ucts, and your customers will return over and over again. It is crucial to have an exhaust or filtration unit for your laser engraving setup as these machines remove harmful smoke residue. IMAGE COURTESY PAT TECHNOLOGY A&E

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