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68 • A&E OCTOBER 2018 TAKE A LOOK BACK AT OUR MONTHLY MEDLEY OF ONLINE NEWS # ReHash Send your news items, along with accompanying photos, in a concise press release to Marley Jeranko, Digital Content Editor, at For more news items, check out Tip Tuesday, Q&A Wednesday, Feature Friday: these are just a few columns you'll find each week in the A&E eNewsletter. Our goal is to give you little nuggets for learning when business is bustling, and the shop is streaming with customers. So, even when the laser is running, and you only have five minutes to glance at your computer screen, you can click on any link in the lineup and be sure you'll walk away with more tools to operate your business successfully. Get the eNewsletter delivered directly to your inbox every afternoon by visiting, plugging your email address into the blue box located on the right-hand side of the home page, and clicking 'Sign Up.' Your request will be processed immediately and the eNewsletter will arrive promptly the next business day. Marco Awards Group Acquires Freeman Worldwide Products MARCO Awards Group/Discount Trophy & Co. Inc. announced the acquisition of Freeman Worldwide with the addition of selected Freeman CMA products. "The Freeman name and their distinguished product line has been a mainstay in the awards and recognition industry for over four decades, and we are pleased to have Freeman Worldwide join the MARCO family," says Marcel Bizier, CEO of MARCO Awards Group. The integration of Freeman CMA products, including its line of figurines and metal sports figures, is ongoing according to Cathy Garcia, marketing manager. Catalogs, fliers, and the e-commerce website are all updated to reflect this expansion. Find out more by visiting COO of Crystal D Celebrates 20th Work Anniversary COO Mike Irvine celebrates his 20th year with Crystal D this year. Two decades after starting, he is in his seventh position at the company. Although most people see this as a significant amount of time and a well-developed resumé, Irvine doesn't think of it that way. His measure- ment of success is more than just numbers. "As time goes by, it's not the years I've marked but rather the moments and experiences I've had with my customers, coworkers, competitors, vendors – everyone … Every one of them has helped shape my profes- sional and personal life. I'm very grateful to continue to be part of a team like this one where I have the opportunity to make an impact every day," he says of his time so far. To mark the occassion, the company threw a surprise party for Irvine on July 17th. Prior to the party, Amy Felton, executive assistant, recorded the staff sharing a message about Irvine. Jen Contreras, marketing design specialist, then put together a 20-minute video that was broadcasted at the party. Vice President of Operations Kari Hurtis described one of her favorite memories of him, saying, "I had an employee lose her keys right before closing one day, and she was slightly panicking. Mike volunteered to help look for them. When I walked into the lunchroom to see if maybe she had left them on the counter or in the fridge, I saw Mike armpit-deep in the garbage can, looking for these keys. That's just who he is: always willing to help and not giving up until he found them." Several speeches were also given by employees who have worked closely with Irvine over the years, including President and CEO Chuck Dahlgren. "Twenty years of service and sacrifice for Crystal D has not gone unnoticed," says Dahlgren. "It's a huge milestone, and Mike should be so proud. Mike was a 'Memory Maker' before we even knew what a 'Memory Maker' was. He thrives on responsibility, growth, and learning. It's what gets him excited for his job. "Anything we throw at Mike, he makes it happen. It's impos- sible for me to express my gratitude for what Mike has brought to Crystal D." Visit the following link to continue reading: Fox Laminating Redesigns Website Fox Laminating recently launched a full website redesign after four months in the works. According to Marketing Director David McDonald, the site was reformatted from the ground up, enhancing its ease of use. Most notably, visitors have access to catalog viewing and up-to-date notices on company policies and schedules. Before the new site, the company had to explain over the phone how its products looked. "That conversation was something that we would go through on a daily basis, but was something that could have been avoided if we had a way of virtually showing the customer what our jargon meant … It makes our jobs easier," says McDonald. Two new features were also added: resizing capability for all screen sizes; and tags to improve the searchability of items and articles. To read more about the redesign, click here: Mike Irvine

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