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18 • October 2018 • E L E C T RI C SI G N A G E SI G N & DI GI T A L G R A P HI C S I t is very i nteresti ng to think about ho w this world will function 20 or 30 years in the future. Ho w will this indus- try look when the next generation of sign professionals takes the reins? And drilling do wn still further —ho w will the landscape of illu minated signage trans- for m? Conversely, think about the state of sign technology t wo or three decades ago. Recall when neon do minated elec- tric signage. Back then neon lighting was a staple. Today, so me might refer to such signage as "retro" or even a thro wback to a more artistic era. W he n L E D tec h n ol ogy gai ne d mo mentu m in the sign world, it provided a dependable, energy-ef cient alterna- tive to neon lighting. As the technology advanced, L E D s beca me prevalent in many more sign applications, and the costs associated with the m decreased. But even the early L E D s looked and perfor med differently than what we see today. I mprove ments in several areas such as quality, ef ciency and color have encouraged even more widespread use of L E Ds. T hr o u g h t h e Years But the s witch to L E D lighting was often met with caution and skepticis m. "I re me mber ho w tenaciously so many sign people resisted the adoption of L E D lighting," recalls Ron Far mer, C E O of US L E D. " The reaction often sounded like we were asking the m to change religion Ho w i mprove ments in LE Ds have changed the landscape of illu minated signage Ryan Fugler is a free- lance writer and for- mer editor of Wraps magazine. He can be reached at rnfugler @ g m with ques- tions or co m ments. C o nstr ucte d by C o met Si g ns t his Jellyst o ne Park si g n feat ures Pri nci pal L E D Q wik M o d 2 i n six-f o ot fa bricate d letters. (I ma ge c o urtesy of Pri nci pal L E D) A Brighter To morro w B Y R Y A N F U G L E R

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