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1 6 • October 2018 • G R A N D F O R M A T G R A N D F O R M AT Cold la minators e mploying only pres - sure to activate the adhesive are usually less expensive than hot/heat-assist la mi- nators because of the lack of a heating apparatus. They are usually easy to oper- ate, and cold la minating won't da mage delicate prints. There are also different types of la minating l ms available —cast or calen- dered l ms, and water-based or solvent- based adhesives. In general, you should match the type of la minating l m mate - rial with the type of printed material, and adhesive type with adhesive type. Cast l m will stretch better and is good for applications with co mpound curves, such as vehicle wraps. Calendered l m is best when applied to atter surfaces and si mple curves. Like printers and cutters, la minators co me in different widths. The size of your print and cutter solution should be considered when choosing a la minator. C o n cl usi o n Finishing equip ment is essential to any sign shop, especially grand-for mat shops. Traditional vinyl cutters are reli- able solutions for cutting roll-fed media, and flatbed cutters are necessary for shops that use a atbed U V -cure printer or have need to cut rigid substrate media. La minators extend the longevity of printed graphics and are considered essential to so me applications. Choosing the proper nishing syste ms for the size and type of work that your shop handles will greatly increase ef ciency. S D G Gra p htec O pti ma V250 is a c utti n g s ol uti o n f or a p plicati o ns i n t he di gital pri nti n g, packa gi n g, si g na ge a n d a p parel markets. S u m ma at be d c utters e m pl oy p ne u matic me dia a dva nce cla m ps t o h ol d t he ri gi d me dia d o w n a n d c o nti n u o usly m ove it f or war d. T he S u m ma S Class II vi nyl c utter has a d de d a tri m a n d s heet c ut f u ncti o nal- ity a n d is a perfect c o m pa ni o n f or lar ge f or mat pri nters. T he S u m ma C ut D140 vi nyl c utter offers c ut- ti n g s pee ds of u p t o 44" per sec o n d dia g o nal, a n d u p t o 400 gra ms of c utti n g d o w n-f orce.

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