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W R A P S DI GI T A L G R A P HI C S Adding windo w tint to your wrap shop offerings Shelley Widhal m is a freelance writer and editor and founder of Shell's Ink Services, a writing and editing service based in Loveland, Colorado. She has more than 15 years of experience in co m munications and holds a master's degree in English fro m Colorado State University. She can be reached at m or shellsinkservices @ g m. B Y S H E L L E Y WI D H A L M 42 • October 2018 • SI G N & DI GI T A L G R A P HI C S T he tra nsitio n fro m wrap to tint may see m si mple, but wrap shops wanting to get into the business of tinting windo ws will want to research the industry and make a fe w adjust ments in ho w they install the product. A wrap is meant to be seen and provide accents, adver - tising or color changes to a vehicle, while the objective of a windo w tint is to provide heat rejection for occupant co mfort and protection fro m U V rays. " Vehicle wraps, paint protection l m and windo w tint all go hand-in-hand. A shop with the ability to sell and install all three products opens up the door to increased potential sales and custo mer loyalty, and enables a consu mer to visit a one-stop shop for all of their vehicular needs, whether it is custo mization or protection," says Ryan Nufable, opera- tions manager of service group distribution for D U B I R Windo w Fil ms in Santa Fe Springs, California. Wrap shops entering the windo w tinting market need to start with education before they expand their services, says Jane Chao, global application engineering specialist for the 3M Co m mercial Solutions Division in St. Paul, Minnesota. T he 3 M tea m be gi ns i nstallati o n of wi n d o w l m o n t he driver a n d passe n ger-si de wi n d o ws. A 3 M certi e d i nstaller be gi ns t he i nstallati o n of a wi n d o w l m o nt o a ve hicle. Hints on Tint

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