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NOVEMBER 2018 THE SHOP 95 trying to do something. Maybe I'll start it and someone else will finish it, but I really want to do it." To get his dream garage started, Stelse purchased a building on East Gate Drive in Waupaca, a service road for State Road 10 almost directly across the highway from the city's airport. According to the State of Wisconsin, an average of 1,500 cars per hour pass the location and Stelse says that "1,495 of them are the average people I want as customers." Getting to Greg's Speed Shop requires getting off the highway and taking the southbound service road to the fenced-in complex. The fence is there to keep out kids who want to do doughnuts in the gravel parking lot (soon to be paved) and to protect the vintage cars Greg's sells. "My new business is built on the idea that if I sell an old car for $6,500, a customer will get into the car this year, spend 500 bucks on it next year, $1,000 the following year and $1,500 the year after that. And the whole time that they're driving the car around, their son is in the back and eventually becomes a customer. So, it's not about big money, it's about building an experience for that kid in the back, because eventually it may be his car." According to Stelse, seven people including he and Leah work at the speed shop now. "We know there's going to be at least three more," he predicts. "We're going to sell parts in the back, so there's another person. Our service counter will be another person. So, there's probably going to be 10 (total). And when/if we build the village, it will be a working town with a seamstress who has her own shop, a hat store and more businesses." CAR PARTS, CLOTHES & CUTS Currently, Leah has a two- story dress shop inside the original building where she sells vintage clothing, pin-up girl accessories and Greg's Speed Shop apparel. The shop also incorporates a vintage hair styling salon with turquoise colored vinyl seats and matching old-fashioned hair dryers. Adjacent to the dress shop is a Texaco gas station that looks very much like the one in The Henry Ford. There's also a public seating area with a counter and diner-style tables and chairs in an area where coffee is served. Gasser-style race cars (Greg is a nostalgia DW400 - 415 LPH In-tank Fuel Pump CPE and PTFE Lines - 6AN, 8AN and 10AN 120+ Fittings Part Numbers Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulators 1500cc EV14 Injectors In-line Stainless Steel Fuel Filters NEW PRODUCTS BOOTH #20577

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