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NOVEMBER 2018 THE SHOP 101 of today would have been considered Modifieds eight years ago, based on their horsepower numbers. Street trucks that are built for 800 to 1,000 hp for everyday use are showing up in the Hot Work Stock classes in pulling and ET Bracket classes at drag events. The street trucks provide the largest segment of business for our diesel shops, since not only do racers use them during the week as their regular work/personal trucks, but then bring them to the track to compete on weekends. The comment I hear most at events when I ask bystanders why they aren't competing with the killer trucks they drive to our events is, "I don't want to break anything because it is my way home and to work!" I tell them it's no different than pulling onto an on-ramp for the freeway during heavy traffic or pulling a 5,000-pound trailer with their ATV/UTV on it. Some- times I even show them by running my old 1996 Dodge Ram I drive to the events for 10 hours down the track for fun, racing one of our workers or a challenger. Once they realize they are not at a high Vintage trucks not only look good with diesel conversions, but also go very fast competing down the drag strip. Bret Marcum from Banghart Diesel and Jay Lew from The Diesel Shop run in the 8s in the quarter-mile with their Pro-Stock trucks, reach- ing speeds over 160 mph. New Pertronix Digital HP Ignition (PTR510): More Power, More Features, Small Package! Now At Motor State. See what else is new, stop by SEMA Booth #21209 and PRI Booth #2525. 800.772.2678 H I G H P E R F O R M A N C E PA R T S & D I S T R I B U T I O N Motor State Can Do It For You! 11-18_TSMotorStateHalfPage.indd 1 9/24/18 8:55 AM

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