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102 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2018 risk of breaking, they soon sign up to compete and sometimes take home purse monies. It is this street truck segment that keeps buying performance upgrades and accessories, as owners want to give their personal trucks a customized look. COVERING NEW GROUND DIESEL Motorsports went to some new areas this year in order to expand the sport, including to Sturgis, South Dakota during Bike Week, which has great potential as a truck event since so many of the bikers are older and truck their bikes to the event on trailers/toy haulers. Diesel enthusiasts come to events to look at what other enthusiasts are doing to their trucks. The events have a county fair atmosphere where people can bring the families, cooler, grill and popups for the weekend. They meet new people or in-person contacts they have been linking up with on social media at the events. These are friendly, fun people and it's my pleasure to converse with as many as I Today's Pro-Stock pulling trucks are at a level the Super Modified trucks were at just eight years ago, running well over 1,400 hp. Street trucks are now routinely running 800 to 1,100 hp in racing and pulling competitions at DIESEL Motorsports events. Amazingly, 1,100-hp street engines and 1,600-hp Pro-Stock Dragster engines are the norm at DIESEL Motorsports events, which draw big crowds of diesel-loving enthusiasts. Family-friendly diesel events have a county fair feel to them, where competitors and enthusiast intermingle to talk diesel. Vintage builds from local rat rods to high-end SEMA Show vehicles like to prove their mettle to fellow diesel fans. A al Pow Trip

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