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NOVEMBER 2018 THE SHOP 105 Improved Braking Compound Hawk Performance, Solon, Ohio, introduces a new and improved version of its HP+ Braking Compound. Designed for autocross and other heavy braking needs, the new compound combines the best of both its HP+ and Street/ Race compounds by maximizing stopping power and fade resistance while maintaining street and track versatility. The new HP+ displays lower pad wear and noticeably improved rotor wear over the two previous compounds and can be quieter and less dusty with some applications while exhibiting less temperature sensitivity. JK Sway Bar System G2 Axle & Gear, Compton, California, presents the new CORE Dual Rate Sway Bar (DRS) available for 2007-'18 Jeep Wrangler JK applications. The state-of-the-art, pneumatically controlled sway bar system can be disengaged and reengaged on the fly with a simple flip of a switch from the cab. When engaged, two torsion bars work together to provide stable on-road handling. When disengaged, the primary torsion bar is disconnected, leaving the lighter spring rate torsion bar to provide minimal stability and ample flex. Collapsible Steering Columns ididit Inc., Tecumseh, Michigan, presents its newly updated line of Collapsible Steering Columns. Delrin shear pins offer improved resistance to fatigue and wear, and a new inner- workings design that features shift tube improvements and additional perforations provides double the amount of column collapsibility over previous models. The columns are available for a wide variety of custom and race cars. Racing Gear Oil Red Line Synthetic Oil, Benicia, California, presents 80W250 Full Synthetic Gear Oil. The new GL-5 high-performance lubricant provides extreme pressure protection while reducing friction and wear for applications where SAE 140 gear oils don't deliver adequate protection. Developed to improve the longevity of gears in the extreme conditions of Top Fuel and Nitro Funny Car drag racing and off- road uses calling for SAE 250, the full-synthetic, ester-based formula decreases the coefficient of friction by 40 percent, reducing temperatures and gear wear. Ready-made content for your social media pages Ready-made content for your social media pages Social Share As easy as Copy - Paste - Post! 1 2 Talk to your customers Promote your business Look for the Marketing Garage on 3 Give them a reason to visit your store

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