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NOVEMBER 2018 THE SHOP 9 "go-to" place where they can get advice on parts and accessories and have these Day 2 modifications done to their vehicles. Back in the day, custom wheels, larger tires, traction bars and even custom hoods were reasonably affordable, did not require specialized tools or talent to install, and, as a result, were among the most popular upgrades, especially because they made such a strong visual statement. Under the hood, finned aluminum valve covers, custom air cleaners and chrome accessories, along with brightly colored spark plug wires were surefire ways to add real street cred among our peers. For the more hardcore, headers, alu- minum intake manifolds and larger carbs were favorite ways to increase power and performance. And no self-respecting muscle car would have been complete without a set of Cherry Bombs, Thrush turbo mufflers or glasspacks. It's important to remember that, in most cases, these accessories were added incre- mentally, one or two at a time, because most of us did not have credit cards back then. Thus, we had to save up the money before we could purchase parts and acces- sories, so most Day 2 cars were generally a continuous work in progress. BACKSTORY My Day 2 journey started in earnest when I purchased a Tuxedo black 1967 Camaro SS 350. A very early Norwood car built in August of 1966, the Camaro was bone-stock when I bought it from the original owner in the spring of 1969. Needless to say, once I got the Camaro, it didn't stay stock very long. As fast as my modest budget allowed, I equipped it with many of the same parts and accessories that NicKey, Yenko and Baldwin Motion used on the cars they built. I had many good times with my '67, but like many of us during the war in Vietnam who got Welcome Letters from Uncle Sam or drew low draft numbers in the lottery, I sold it prior to leaving for basic training in the Army in the fall of 1971. Talk about seller's remorse—I knew that I had made a mistake selling it as I watched the new owner drive it away. About 15 years ago, I started looking for a replacement for my long-lost Camaro. After an extensive nationwide search, I found a Jerry MacNeish-certified numbers- matching survivor that, other than color, is nearly identical to my long-lost original. After nearly a decade of ownership of a bone-stock muscle car, I had an itch to relive my youth, and have the same fun with this Camaro that I did with my first one. I thought you might like to follow along as we travel back down the same path many of us gearheads took back when muscle cars ruled the streets. We added many of the same parts and accessories to the Camaro Day 2 Upgrade #3: U-Bolts Virtue: U-Bolts replace the factory T-bolts. The Grade-8 U-Bolts are far stronger than the original T-bolts. These are an absolute necessity when racing, especially with enhanced horsepower and larger tires. ANY PROJECT, ANY PROBLEM YOU'RE COVERED ROGUESERIES.COM THERMOTEC.COM HEAT CONTROL PRODUCTS THAT RESIST DISCOLORATION, EVEN IN THE TOUGHEST CONDITIONS. DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME

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