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NOVEMBER 2018 THE SHOP 119 not take the time to test their paint on a spray-out card. "They trust that either the color they mix up or the can of paint they get from the jobber will be the right color and they just pour it into the gun and spray," he reveals. "Only the smart ones do a spray-out and test their color before spraying." Olivia Cook is a longtime collision painter and now a custom painter at Marine Technology Inc. She also has some opinions on this subject. "I always make spray-out cards," she says. "I'd rather take the time to be safe than sorry. But the majority of the painters I know do not do spray-outs." I was very surprised to hear this. But then again, I don't work in collision. Every shop, whether it's a custom or production shop, wants to get the job done faster. But, for collision shops, getting the job done fast is as important as the end result. "When you're working in collision, your production time is money. They try to get you to pump out as much as possible. So, most painters just spray and pray," Cook says. Sin # 3 DIRTY PAINT BOOTH Both Cook and I mentioned this one. And I've been as guilty of it as anyone. There seems to be an endless to-do list in the shop, where we literally run from one task to the next. Cleaning the paint booth isn't usually near the top of that list. But it should be. Usually you think, "I'll get that done later this week." But there always seems to be something more pressing to do, and later this week comes and goes. It finally gets your attention when the Here's an example of a proper paint booth courtesy of Total Restorations. Note the working lights on top and on the sides. And the booth is clean. The rest of the shop seems dark by comparison. Always test your color! Color-check cards are economical. Keep a good supply of them. There are several different kinds. Some are white with a black stripe or with tones of gray. These can be used to check coverage. PPG makes color cards that come in various tones of gray from almost white to almost black. This way you can test your color over the shade of primer or base being used. I even do larger spray panels to check color and designs for artwork. There's one company manufacturing all the aftermarket undercar par ts you need, from brands you trust. From the street to the fleet to the track, our par ts are built to fit, built to move. A P C A U T O T E C H . C O M Y O U R N E X T M O V E ? Go to A P C a u t o t e c h . c o m to get the best brake and emissions control systems from the industry leader. Visit us at AAPEX Booth #4010 and SEMA Booth #24535. AC053 TheShop_APC_Built_To_Fit_and_Move_P3_Half_Isl_AAPEX_and_SEMA_11-18_V2.pdf 1 9/18/18

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