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NOVEMBER 2018 THE SHOP 123 expenditures and allow a contingency fund for unforeseen expenses. If this is all sounding a little over- whelming, it may be a good time to con- sult with a promotion professional. As a marketing consultant, I have helped cli- ents organize and promote events and have produced many successful car show and automotive get-togethers. By providing outside objectivity, a pro- fessional can help assure a successful event and avoid oversights and costly missteps. You may be able to get co-op financial help from your distributors and manu- facturers if you are introducing new products or demonstrating installation or performance. Contact you suppliers and present your plans for the event, along with a budget and request for co-op help. They will often pay costs and send support mate- rials and possibly even a representative. Finally, document your event. Photos and videos are great, especially if you hire a professional photographer. Shots can be posted online, built into a scrapbook and used for future promotions. Be sure you get a photo release if you want to reproduce a celebrity or a famous vehicle. We have even offered CDs with photos and videos at a nominal cost to participants that were a great hit. PREPARATION Now that you have a plan, begin by making contacts to secure commitments for the site, the vendors and service providers, and arrange for permits and promotional props, signage and displays. As you prepare, you might have to be flexible—the band that you were planning on having might be booked, or you may decide instead of having your guys cook hot dogs and hamburgers to arrange for a catering truck. There may be features that What kind of event do you want to put on? What do you expect in return? Who will attend? SHOP_Nov18_recommend.indd 1 9/18/18 9:02 AM

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