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10 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2018 that I did back in '69, along with some that I couldn't afford back then. A note to purists: Not one permanent modification or change has been made to the Camaro. We didn't drill even one hole. Every aftermarket part we installed is a pure bolt-on and can be easily removed. Each of the stock parts have been carefully boxed, labeled and can be reinstalled at any time. WHEELS & TIRES The first thing nearly all of us did back then was change the wheels and tires. A cool-looking set of mag wheels was on everyone's wish list. While the Rally wheels and Firestone Super Sports red line wide ovals were cor- rect for my new Camaro, they were, well, stock. The choice of custom wheels was far more limited in the '60s than today. The most popular were often those seen on race cars, such as Cragar, Keystone, American Racing or Ansen. I decided to get a set of Cragar S/S mags because that's what I had on my first Camaro. They looked great then, and they The Way We Were Day 2 Upgrade #4: Hurst/Gabriel Dual-Duty Shock Absorbers Virtue: This is a new-old stock set of hard-to-find period-correct shocks. They offer dual damping using easy-to-adjust settings for "drag and drive," making them real "two-in-one" shocks. Day 2 Upgrade #5: Cal Custom Finned Aluminum Differential Cover for 12-Bolt Rear End This is an original Cal Custom part from the late 1960s made in Gardena, California. It replaces the original factory stamped steel differential cover. Virtue: The aluminum cover holds more gear oil, dissipates heat better and looks cool!

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