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14 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2018 nearly 50 years. With the advent of the Day 2 muscle car phenomenon, however, enthusiast demand has resulted in the reissue of the original NicKey traction bars. Working with NicKey Chicago, GSS Supercars now produces an exact replica of the long-unavailable originals. The Camaro SS featured in this story is equipped with a set. They look just like the originals, are period-correct and work just as effectively today as the originals did back in the fall of 1966 when NicKey first developed them. Complementing the traction bars are a set of Grade 8 U-bolts, while damping chores are handled by a set of vintage Hurst/Gabriel Dual-Duty shocks. The stock Delco spiral shocks are acceptable for ordinary driving, but the Hurst/Gabriel shocks offer two valve settings: one for street and one for strip, so you can maxi- mize traction at the rear and lift at the front for additional weight transfer. We scored a new-old stock set on eBay that had never been installed, while we con- tacted our friends at EATON Detroit Spring for a set of U-bolts to replace the factory T-bolts that are prone to failure—espe- cially when you dump the clutch at high rpm with a set of wrinkle walls clawing for traction at the strip. BREATHE EASY The factory air cleaner with the small single snorkel on the 1967 Camaro SS was never known for high airflow, and most performance enthusiasts quickly replaced it with a free-breathing open element-style air cleaner. Back in the day, we went with a Cal Custom 12-inch Fly Eye air cleaner; we chose the same air cleaner for our new Day 2 Camaro. We found a new-old stock Fly Eye on eBay. It's a bolt-on for a Holley 780 or 850, but with a Rochester QuadraJet it requires the use of a 1-inch spacer that is available from Mr. Gasket. HOT FIRE We also added a set of ACCEL spark plug wires. They were the instant choice of enthusiasts when they debuted in 1969 and remain popular today. The original color was bright yellow, and following tradition, we got a new set for the Day 2 Camaro. A big step up from the stock 7mm Packard TVS Suppression The Way We Were Headin' Down The Highway Classic muscle cars are some of the most exciting vehicles that have ever been built. Many of them were equipped with final drives like 3.91 and 4.11 gears, enabling these vehicles to pro- vide lightning-quick acceleration on the street and strip. However, one of the drawbacks was the lack of an overdrive, making the engines in these cars very busy when driven on the highway for extended periods of time at higher speeds. The Hone-O-Drive was an expensive accessory overdrive that saw limited acceptance in the late 1960s. Since 1979, a popular accessory overdrive for vintage muscle cars, race cars and a wide range of other vehicles has been manufactured by Gear Vendors. The robust driveline component is rated at 1,500 hp, making it more than capable of handling the power and torque produced by a vintage muscle car. The system offers a 22-percent over- drive when engaged, turning that 3.91 final drive into a freeway-friendly 3.04:1. In addition, the Gear Vendors Under/ Overdrive provides the ability to split gear ratios, turning a Muncie 4-speed, Mopar A-833 or Ford Toploader into a 6- or 7-speed transmission. Gear Vendors offers under/overdrive kits that are a direct bolt-on for nearly all vintage muscle cars, both stick and automatic. With just a small button to actuate the GV, it is invisible other than underneath the vehicle where it is mounted to the rear of the factory transmission. The Day 2 Camaro featured in this story has one of these Gear Vendors systems. The factory 12-bolt rear end is equipped with a 3.73 gear, which the Gear Vendors takes down to a very livable 2.90:1 with the overdrive engaged. The actuator for the GV is the button on the left side of the Hurst Consistent T-Handle. While it may not be an exact period-cor- rect accessory, the unit adds significantly to the enjoyment of driving the Camaro at today's modern highway speeds. Living in California, where the only way to get around is on the freeway, the Gear Vendors overdrive is an essential item. —Larry Weiner Day 2 Upgrade #8: 1967 427 Corvette-Style Stinger Hood for 1967-'69 Camaro Vendor: Classic Industries Note: Same design as the original A&A fiberglass hood, but a new steel stamping. A direct replacement for the original factory Super Sport hood. Virtues: Provides 1967 427 Corvette style to the first-gen Camaro. Has functional cowl induction inner panel. Day 2 Upgrade #9: ACCEL Yellow Spark Plug Wires ACCEL Ignition spark plug wires were a popular upgrade when they were released in 1969. They were far superior to the stock Packard 7.7mm spark plug wires. In addition, the bright yellow wires added a splash of color to the engine, further distinguishing it from stock.

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