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32 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2018 Don't act like you know everything just to try to impress someone. Be humble, ask questions and listen instead. Chances are you'll learn something new that will stay with you forever and help you down the line in life or in business. Perhaps you have an employee issue. Do you just go off of your past experience, no matter how long you have been employing people? Or do you take the time to talk to a human resources expert to verify you are doing things the correct and legal way with no harmful pushback? Employee laws are always changing, and if we don't ask for help then we could find ourselves with a costly problem. Regardless of what you are trying to accomplish in your business, there is always an expert available to help—all you have to do is ask. FRIENDS & FAMILY Another great resource for advice are those who care about you. Your friends and family want you to succeed (I know there are some family members that this may be hard to believe!), so making sure that they are part of your decision-making can be important. It may be hard to ask for help from those close to you. Maybe it's because you like to come across as successful and knowledge- able. Or, maybe it's because you don't want those around you knowing some of the issues you are facing. Whatever the case, you may need to again humble yourself and recognize that without the counsel of friends and family you could go astray. So, find someone close to you who is an expert on you! They may say something that will open your eyes to a situation better than a real expert would, because they know you so well. PEERS Having peers as a source for advice is valuable as well. Your peers may not be official experts in the exact situation you are dealing with, and they also may not know you as well as your friends or family, but they are valuable because more than likely they have experienced what you are going through. Fellow shop owners can often offer guid- ance that an expert may be afraid to give because there is a business relationship there. Meanwhile, your friends or family may not want to hurt your feelings or create a division, so they may hold back from telling you something. When you ask for help from your peers they won't have these reservations and can therefore be a great source for advice. Asking for help is not always easy, but the more you do it the easier it becomes. You will reap the benefits immediately and over the long term. Just remember to be concise with what you are trying to learn and give spe- cific examples of the issue you are going through. Lastly, be humble and reasonable, and most importantly be willing to take the advice if it makes sense for you. JOSH POULSON is the principal of Auto Additions in Columbus, O h i o , w h i c h wa s n a m e d Restyler of the Year, 2012-'13. Auto Additions offers a com- plete line of product upgrades, including 12-volt and appearance packages with a specific focus on the dealership seg- ment. Josh currently serves on the SEMA PRO council and was named 2015-'16 Person of the Year at the 2015 SEMA Show. Asking for help—be it from an expert, a fellow business owner, or friends or family mem- bers—isn't always easy. But they will tell you the things you need to hear. Good lead- ers are humble enough to recognize that others may have more knowledge or ex- perience in certain ar- eas that can benefit the business. Need Help? Just Ask!

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