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NOVEMBER 2018 THE SHOP 35 with a letter to their dealers stating that, for example, putting aftermarket leather into a vehicle will void the warranty. SEMA PRO was able to get a letter written using its leverage with government agencies and OEMs alike that was able to denounce such a statement. It was on an official SEMA letterhead and spoke to the inac- curacies of these internal letters. Here at Auto Action. we were then able to go into our dealerships with documenta- tion that raised our credibility above just us preaching our position to the customer. REAL-WORLD BENEFITS I was elected just this year to sit on the PRO Council board. This group allows expeditors, restylers, manufacturers and media alike to discuss and react to real- world issues. We can then provide the industry with firepower to continue to grow our busi- nesses. An example of something we are imple- menting is a sales training playbook. This was created by some of the most successful minds in our industry with many years of experience selling to new car dealers. I know this will help us at home, as Auto Action currently employs six salespeople and plans to add more. In the past, chal- lenges associated with training salespeople so our unique industry have been great, so we welcome a tool that helps new employees understand what the job and the industry are all about. I can also see this being a useful tool if you are a retailer that wants to better under- stand how to sell to car dealerships, and what the process may look like. You can calculate a lot of the risks you take in business through the support and collaboration of your peers.

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