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58 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2018 social media (it even had a MySpace page when the site was all the rage). "From a marketing standpoint we see a huge return on our social media posting," he says. "We are active on Google Local/+, Facebook and Instagram. Each platform has its unique advantages and should be a crucial part of anyone's broader marketing plan." Networking with other industry mem- bers is also important to Cassity. Tunes- N-Tint attends trade shows and trainings on a regular basis and has been a part of several trade organizations, including the Consumer Technology Association (CTA, formerly CEA), International Window Film Association (IWFA), Mobile Electronic Spe- cialists of America (MESA) and Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). The MESA membership—a buying group for electronics and related accessories—has been particularly beneficial for the elec- tronics side of the business. "It's allowed us to offer premium mar- keting, discounted buying rates and incred- ibly aggressive financing programs that help close deals," Cassity says. "JL Audio and Kenwood are our two biggest partners, but we purchase direct with nearly all of our electronics vendors." Just a couple other vendors Tunes-N- Tint loves working with include Roadwire for leather and 3M for window film and graphics, and it has great relationships with Rough Country and All Pro Distributing, which supplies the lion's share of the store's bolt-on accessories. CREATING COOL RIDES Cassity's passion for cars started at a young age. He bought his first car—a fixer-upper that didn't run—when he was 14, and doing basic repairs and adding upgrades to the vehicle got him hooked. After spending a lot of time hanging out and asking tons of questions at a local custom shop as a cus- tomer and fan, Cassity got his first job as a tech with Circuit City Roadshops, where he was eventually promoted to a man- agement position but was let go during the organization's initial restructuring. "Necessity caused me to go out on my own, and the rest is his- tory," says Cassity, who enjoys the fabrication and upfitting portions of the business the most. "It's awesome creating something unique out of nothing," he says. "Most of what we do is bolt-ons, add-ons, graphics or electrical integration, and that's what the masses typically want—but occasionally we'll get some truly unique projects." One of his favorites was a full-blown custom Jeep Wrangler JK with custom wheels, audio, powder-coated suspension lift, lighting and a fully electric motorized top. Another was a remote van Tunes-N- Tint enhanced for a local radio station with exterior color-changing lighting, a siren with a PA system, and side doors that open up to showcase custom door panels featuring marine speakers, lighting and amplifiers tied into a wireless mic/ mixer set-up—allowing the van to do live events without carrying tower speakers and amplifiers. "Now all they have to do is just open up the doors, pull out their table and tent and start rockin'," Cassity notes. LOOKING AHEAD Tunes-N-Tint plans to spend the next year Tunes-N-Tint boasts full restyling and customization services for cars, trucks, boats, bikes, side-by-side vehicles and beyond. Well-Oiled Machine

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