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64 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2018 The PATH program has been in place in California for nearly 30 years, trying to figure out how to move things around quickly and safely and eliminate the state's miles of parking lots. Personally, we hope their teams can get it done sooner rather than later. Zhou opened his discussion of PATH's activities by asking, "What can infrastruc- ture structure providers do to better sup- port the autonomous car?" Rather than being bound up in bureau- cracy, national, state and local teams like PATH understand that safely and securely capturing and making available the right data, at the right time, at the right place is key to making the complete ecosystem run smoothly. Autonomous Vehicle Update Tomorrow's AVs will capture volumes of data that will be processed and used instantly to keep the vehicle and other traffic safe. Much of it will be used only in the vehicle while some will be transmitted elsewhere, and it will all be safely stored in the vehicle's black box. As more sensor, computer, radar, lidar and camera data is created, the volume of demand for high-speed, ultra-reliable flash memory will also rise. While most of the coverage and excite- ment is about tomorrow's AVs, the ecosys- tem (smart roads, signals and more) is an important part of tomorrow's equation that requires input from consumers, manufac- turers, tier 1 suppliers and governments to meet the safety and tight transportation deadlines. Harman, a leading tier 1 system and solution provider to the auto industry, made it very clear to FMS 18 attendees that it had very specific and very demanding requirements for flash- based storage in the years ahead. Source - Government Technology

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