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NOVEMBER 2018 THE SHOP 65 Fast, reliable, economic flash storage can play a key role in delivering the information. InnovationShift's Messer said the market is much more complex than the five SAE levels and that each has its limitations. "Each of those limitations create different markets with different usages/complexities, and each will have different storage require- ments," he noted. "The mass market will be slow to arrive. Vehicle processes require three-plus years and most of the early AVs are modified cars/trucks." The challenge, he added, is that OEMs have a limited view of AVs, focusing only on the car/sensors/storage, not the end- to-end system. "Some people assert that 5G will tie everything together, but it's no silver bullet because it won't be uniformly available around the globe and constant connec- tivity can't be guaranteed," he predicted. IN-CAR DISTRACTIONS Maybe not, but the media and entertain- ment industries are already working on ideas to fill your empty hours in traffic. For instance, what would be better than making your AV an in-drive theater? Yes, M&E groups are actively strategizing on how to monetize content on tomorrow's moving screens. Makes sense. Instead of sitting on LA's 405, the Bay Area's 101 or your favorite congested highway, cutting in/out, blasting the horn and ticking everyone off; you can sit and enjoy a first-run flick or two TV shows, complete with customized ads. Right now, we're getting self-driving with asterisks. Someday, when AVs pick you up, take you home and entertain you along the way, piloting your own vehicle will be just a memory. ANDY MARKEN is owner and president of Marken Commu- nications Inc., a marketing and communications consulting firm, located in the San Fran- cisco area since August 1977. He is the author of more than 400 articles on management, marketing and communications and a frequent speaker at management and marketing conferences. Experience includes strategic, market plan- ning and execution with communications/ internet firms, as well as in storage, storage m a n a ge m e n t a n d v i d e o s o l u t i o n s . Be prepared for products that will change the way you and others look at your truck. Iron Cross Automotive prides itself as one of the only remaining 100% American made manufacturers of automotive accessories. PROUDLY MADE IN AMERICA NEW JL PARTS NOW AVAILABLE HD Push Bar Bumper BUMPERS JEEP ACCESSORIES STEPS SEMA BOOTH # 30105

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