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82 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2018 turbocharging for both original equipment manufacturers and performance/motors- ports applications," says Patrick Harcourt, global product manager – performance for BorgWarner Turbo Systems in Auburn Hills, Michigan. "Customers are increas- ingly demanding the dual benefits of per- formance and efficiency that turbocharging can provide." Tim Coltey, marketing manager for Gar- rett Turbochargers in Torrance, California, notes how the products of today will con- tinue to have their place tomorrow. "The turbocharger market is in an amazing position for both performance and OE," he believes. "The increase in tur- bocharged engine offerings from the OEMs combined with new growth opportunities in hybrid vehicles makes this an exciting time." Continuous technological advancements are part of the market's appeal, adds Tristan Kimpel, technical sales representative at Precision Turbo and Engine in Hebron, Indiana. "The turbocharger market has always shown great innovation and with the cur- rent trends in the automotive industry, shows no signs of stopping soon," he From high-hp race engines to the latest hybrid ap- plications, it's an exciting time for the turbocharger market. (Photo courtesy Garrett Turbochargers) A large support network is available for shops that are still in the turbocharger learning process. (Photo courtesy Garrett Turbochargers) Turbocharged says. "As automobile and powersport manu- facturers continue to push the envelope with power and efficiency while increasing fuel economy, the turbocharger will remain a vital piece of the puzzle. The ever- expanding uses of the turbocharger keep me optimistic about the future." Brandon Smith, product manager for STS Turbo – Holley Performance Products in Bowling Green, Kentucky, also foresees good times ahead. "With all of the turbocharger designs currently offered in the aftermarket, there are single and twin options that fit anyone's power requirements and budget. Turbo- chargers are one of the best ways to increase power since they utilize wasted exhaust energy. I believe the turbocharger market could easily see double-digit growth in the coming years." GETTING TECHNICAL Turbochargers have a technical appeal and, even if their design is fairly basic, there are continuous opportunities for advance- ment. Adaptations for hybrid vehicles is a place to start. "Hybrid vehicles are expected to grow to 16 million units by 2021 and roughly 70 percent are expected to be turbocharged," Coltey explains. "Smaller turbocharged engines can make the power of larger natu- rally aspirated engines and will be more fuel efficient. There is also a new genera- tion of E-Turbos being launched in the Audi Q7 that use electricity to provide faster response as well as increased fuel economy." Garrett supplies the high-output com- pressor used on the Honda Clarity fuel cell vehicle. "That's a quick glimpse of some tech- nology for the OEs," he continues. "As

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