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84 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2018 far as racing and performance goes, our engineering group continues to make products for almost any engine displace- ment range from 1.4- to 12.0-liter with horsepower capabilities of 140 to 2,850 hp per turbo." As technology advances, so does the tur- bocharger market, according to Kimpel. "We see newer injection systems such as direct injection and newer fuels like CNG coming to market. These systems are much more efficient and, as such, require a dif- ferent approach to turbocharger sizing," he says. "But let's not forget that turbo- chargers themselves are also advancing. New materials and processes are being used to prototype and manufacture tur- bocharger components. These advances allow for lighter components and newer aerodynamic profiles." Harcourt agrees. "Advances in both high-temperature mate- rials and aerodynamics means that today's turbochargers are more durable, responsive and efficient than ever before," he notes. Developers work hard to bring turbo- charger customers the best of both worlds, says Smith. "With higher fuel mileage and lower emis- sion requirements, along with customers asking for higher horsepower, turbochargers are taking on a much larger role to help meet these challenges in the aftermarket," he reveals. IT'S A TRAP For shops already offering turbocharger sales, installation and service, there are ways to make the process go more smoothly. A common mistake Precision Turbo's Kimpel often sees is not having enough knowledge to build, install or troubleshoot a turbocharged application. "In order to properly assist customers, the shop needs to understand the basics of forced induction and the terminology asso- ciated with it," he says. "Understanding the turbocharger and the forced induction system as a whole will allow the shop to make proper repairs, saving a customer from unnecessary expenses." BorgWarner's Harcourt says the more shops ask about a customer's particular project, the more they'll understand what's needed to provide the best solution. "Asking customers the right questions up-front is essential to making sure their needs are met with a turbo system," he believes. "Peak dyno numbers are still important, but we're seeing customers place more of an emphasis on usable power throughout the rev range, along with quick boost response." Turbo Best-Sellers Turbocharger manufacturers reveal their hottest products: "The BorgWarner AirWerks S300 SX-E family of turbochargers offers power potential coupled with durability, reli- ability and value. They are available in a variety of compressor trims to suit individual customer needs. However, they all share advanced compressor stage aerodynamics, forged milled compressor wheels, upgraded thrust bearings, an integrated speed sensor port and a combination (V-band or hose) compressor outlet." Patrick Harcourt BorgWarner Turbo Systems "Our STS Turbo patented, rear vehicle- designed, direct-fit turbochargers elimi- nate increased under-hood temps by having the turbos in back while also decluttering the engine bay so normal repairs and upgrades can be done without removing the turbochargers and tubing. They mount in place of the stock mufflers. Our systems are engineered to spool-up as fast as a front-mount turbo system and fea- ture everything needed for a complete installation including: turbochargers, wastegate, blow-off valve, intercooler, tubing, hardware and instructions." Brandon Smith STS Turbo/Holley Performance Products "Our hottest turbocharger right now is the new Garrett GTX5544R Gen II. Rated up to 2,850 hp, this 106mm compressor wheel is powering the fastest drag cars in the world." Tim Coltey Garrett Turbochargers "The all-new Gen2 Pro Mod XPR series of turbochargers has been increasingly taking over the radial tire racing world. The new aerodynamics have increased power output by 8-10 percent over the previous Gen2 Pro Mod units. This has translated into several wins already this season." Tristan Kimpel Precision Turbo and Engine Turbocharged Continuous tech- nological advance- ments are part of the market's appeal. (Photo courtesy Precision Turbo and Engine) Turbochargers have staked their claim on the automotive landscape. (Photo courtesy Precision Turbo and Engine)

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