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6 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2018 s a lifelong muscle car enthusiast who came of age in the mid- 1960s, I can personally vouch for the recent and fast-growing trend of restoring classic muscle cars in what we refer to as authentic Day 2 style. The vast majority of us who purchased muscle cars—new or used—in the 1960s and early '70s modified them as soon as possible. We were either still in high school or we'd just recently graduated. We had limited funds and oftentimes equally limited mechanical knowledge and tools, but we couldn't wait to remove the stock parts and replace them with after- market accessories as fast as our budgets allowed. We found ways to add parts and acces- sories like those we saw on cars in hot rod magazines. Adding these parts didn't just set our pride and joy apart from ordinary garden-variety cars—it was a statement that "my car is cool… and by extension, so am I." A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Shops today can support people who buy or already own these cars. These are enthu- siasts who've "been there, done that." Maybe they've traveled the numbers- matching restoration path and now they just want to have some fun with these cars. They are the enthusiasts who will come into your shop and say: "Can I just get you to put on these NicKey traction bars or install this Hurst shifter?" They are not going to ask you to destroy (that is, do something illegal, cut obscene holes, remove components or otherwise do things that defeat safety and/or emis- sion controls and will potentially void any OEM warranty and/or cause impound- ment) their cars. They just want to personalize them. 6 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2018 By Larry Weiner Vintage ads courtesy of the Larry Weiner Collection The Way We Were This blue 1967 Chevrolet Camaro is a great example of the ultimate Day 2 car, reminding me of my original Tuxedo black '67 SS that I drove every day in the late 1960s in Chicago and upgraded with bolt- on accessories whenever my budget allowed. Are 'Day 2' accessory upgrades still a viable approach for shops? A

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