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88 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2018 W hen you think of the Pro-Touring market, think old & new—old cars with new technology, and fans of all generations. What's not to love about getting behind the wheel of a classic Barracuda or Camaro and putting it through its paces on the autocross course, the latest engine and sus- pension technologies allowing lap times the original could only dream about? And for shops, this market attracts dedi- cated customers that care about quality and performance over price, and allows a bit of creativity on the part of the installer to make things work together seamlessly. The SEMA Show is a great place to see the latest Pro-Touring creations, which makes this a good time of year to check in on the market and see what suppliers have to say about its staying power and future potential. Thermo-Tec Inc. Greenwich, Ohio Nick Helms Sales Director Our hottest product for the Pro-Touring market is … … our exhaust insulating wraps, heat reflective products and, of course, our Suppressor is ideal when both sound and radiant heat control are needed. Its best features include … … insulating your exhaust and keeping your exhaust gases heated up can help increase the scavenging effect, which leads to increased horsepower as well as a more efficient-running engine. Our heat shields and sleeving material can help protect other components and keep a great deal of heat out of fuel lines, or even out of the cab of the vehicle. The Pro-Touring market has shown impressive staying power because … … it's appealing to the younger upcoming generations. The key to a successful future in any business is keeping up with trends and new technology that's constantly being updated. Staying up-to-date and continuing to grow with your consumers will keep this market around for a long time. New technology is advancing the Pro- Touring market by … … adding more horsepower, more torque and better handling, and allowing race engines to run much more efficiently than in previous generations. An unexpected benefit for shops serving the Pro-Touring market is … … the fact that products in the Pro-Touring OLD&NEW DIVERSITY IN THE PRO-TOURING MARKET IS KEEPING IT OUT FRONT. Spending so much time in their Pro- Touring machines, owners prefer a cool, quiet ride. (Photo courtesy Thermo-Tec) The key to a successful future in any business is keeping up with trends and new technology. (Photo courtesy Thermo-Tec)

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