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NOVEMBER 2018 THE SHOP 91 Its best features include … … a unique rear subframe and bulkhead brace design called Unicradle that rein- forces the chassis structure while properly locating the upper and lower links for exceptional handling. The bulkhead brace mounts behind the rear seat to locate the upper link points. The Pro-Touring market has shown impressive staying power because … … the formula provides maximum drive time. It comes down to smiles per mile— on the street, long-distance trips and with high-performance driving events such as autocross and track days. New technology is advancing the Pro- Touring market by … … making products more adaptable. It's one thing to buy a new Ferrari or Porsche with the latest technology. Adapting supercar technology to hot rods is some- thing else altogether. Technology such as self-tuning EFI is a great example. Another example is that we offer adaptive shock absorbers that combine a multi-axis G-meter with tra- ditional sensors such as brake pressure and TPS, etc. to automatically adjust shock absorber compression and rebound damp- ening in real time. Called Instinct, the shock absorber system is readily adapt- able to many applications and has been thoroughly tested on the street and in competition. For high-end shops, technology such as adaptive shocks can help builders custom-tailor drivability for individual customers. Pro-Touring builds are bringing younger enthusiasts into the business. (Photo courtesy RideTech) The products need to be adaptable to accommodate various Pro-Touring builds. (Photo courtesy RideTech)

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