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LER 2018 n 29 ferent processing method, while the chem- istry required to etch titanium is extremely hazardous, and few companies have the capability to do so. BENEFITS The main advantage with chemical etching is that it etches the whole surface area of the material at the same time. A laser has to mark each area individually, often making many passes to achieve tan- gible depth. With chemical etching, the amount of detail and size of the etch area have little effect on the process time. This means that it's possible to deep etch even large and complex designs in minutes. Etching is a non-contact process. The material is dissolved atom by atom, pro- ducing a smooth burr-free finish and leaving the material grain structure unaf- fected. There is no heat distortion as asso- Using a laser to create the mask is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get into chemical etching. Below is an example of the process. IMAGES COURTESY LIAM DULLAGHAN JR.

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