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39 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 1 8 Cabinet: a plastic or metal box of various sizes with two arm holes, lighting, and an air intake and air outlet baffle. Pressure Blaster: a steel welded container that holds the abrasive and is set under pressure through the air supplied by a compressor. A hose transports the air/abrasive mixture into the cabinet and a foot pedal operates the blaster in on/ off fashion. Dust Collector (or Vacuum): attached to the air outlet on the cabinet and extracts dust from the cabinet while blasting. Reclaimer: placed between the cabinet and the dust collector (it connects all three) and spins out still-usable abrasive from the air extracted out of the cabinet and only passes true dust into the dust collector. Mask: self-adhesive material used for sandcarving; made of thick but flexible medium for cutting pat- terns and placing directly on the substrate to be blasted. Photoresist: a translucent, durable, flexible, light responsive, water soluble, raw film that has not gone through a developing process. Photoresist film is used for sand- carving onto several types of sur- faces. It's used to create a finished photomask. Also called raw mate- rial or film. Abrasive: a sand-like material used in the sandcarving process to etch or engrave many different surfaces. The abrasive can be super-fine or coarse in texture. TERMS (Image courtesy IKONICS Imaging)

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