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November '18

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20 • November 2018 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S The spacers were made from release paper saved from laminating digitally printed graphics. The paper was cut in strips, which were folded once to double their thickness and expose the slick sili- cone surface, and multiple spacers were placed between the layers. Then, once the top metal overlay was sure of a per- fectly centered fit, they were simply slid out of the way one at a time. The process was simple, predictable, and produced perfectly aligned graphics. Though all the smaller black acrylic letters would be mounted flat to the wall with double-sided tape, the larger letters and large logo would be spaced off the wall 3/8". So special small acrylic The lettering that went below the logo also got a over- lay of brushed alum, which was also adhered with thin double-sided tape (same as banner tape). For the larger lettering and large logo, special spacers with sharp small studs were made from laser cut acrylic blocks and small nails. These special spacer blocks worked great for biting into the sheetrock wall and required no adhesive. The large logo required quite a few of the laser-made spacer blocks with their wall-piercing studs (nails). ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL

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