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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • November 2018 • 21 spacer blocks were cut on the laser, half with holes and half without. The spac- ers with holes would also be engraved with a dots in the center to counter sink a small nail that would become sharp small studs to secure them to the drywall when installed. I have shown similar mounts we used on another Shop Talk project, but these new ones had an engraved dot, which once the laser settings were determined, made them fit together perfectly, glued together with acrylic glue. The counter- sunk nail head allowed gluing the blocks together, which trapped the nail in place and made perfect self-piercing studs. Once on the job, the first step was of course to install the patterns very care- fully and very accurately, double and triple checking measurements and lev- eling carefully. We have a small but ideal rolling scaffold unit, and it was perfect to work off of on a project like this. Once patterns were in place, it was just a matter of putting in the time of handling so many parts—bags and bags of parts—which had been organized by lines of text. Working steadily with no breaks, it would take about five hours of diligent work to get everything in place. The large logo, approximately 6' wide, and the larger two-tone letters, were actually installed first and simply pressed into place allowing the many sharp small studs to bite into the dry- wall. No adhesive was used or needed, for the large logo and the larger letter- ing that went just below it. These items Glued in place, acrylic to acrylic using a liquid "acrylic weld" type glue means these spacer blocks are not coming off. The multitude of small letters were assembled on the work table over the patterns to be used onsite, mak- ing sure no letters were missing. The letters were kept in order and bagged, one line of text in each marked bag. Out on the jobsite, the patterns which were cut on the laser from thin white poster- board, are about to be assembled on the wall at hand. Some time and care was taken to verify that the patterns were perfectly located on the clients wall, then double checked before proceeding.

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