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22 • November 2018 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL were offset from the wall by the clear acrylic blocks 3/8" thick and approx. ½" square. Using the patterns we'd created, the installation of the larger parts was extremely easy, accurate and quick. All the small letters were installed with strips of double sided clear tape (actually banner tape). But because the wall had plenty of texture, this meant that only high spots were being contacted. But we didn't want to use thicker tape which would be more visible, so at the end, a very, very small dot of clear silicone seal- ant was placed at the top edge of each item as insurance against any coming loose. Even though the install was not fast, it was simply a step-by-step process of merely following the patterns and getting each individual item set accurately in its place. The rolling scaffold helped, and so was the quiet of working on a Saturday in a medical clinic that was closed for busi- ness on the weekends. And since there was no one around, there were no dis- tractions either (totally impossible on a normal work day). Actually, this was a fun project and the results were what we were after, and more importantly what the client was after as well. In the future we'll know exactly how to go about doing a job like this one. In fact I have one more lined up to produce as soon as our schedule allows. Projects like this one mean good, clean inside work and an amazing machine does a lot of the work for us. What's not to like about that? SDG The first items installed were the pieces of the large two tone logo plus the line of larger text that went below it. The wall piercing studded spacer blocks worked perfectly and held the items without any adhesive, and the brushed aluminum overlay caught the lighting just right. Bags and bags of small letters are set out ready to be installed, the adhesive on the letter backs were applied at the shop beforehand. The laser cut poster board patterns clearly show how to install each of the 175+ char- acters. The patterns were cut with a 1/16" outlines so the patterns could be easily removed when finished. Several hours later the last of the small letters are being put into place.

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