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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • November 2018 • 29 for the best." As a business owner, you should plan to have your enterprise live long after you retire. Maybe the advice should read "work like your company will thrive forever and have a succes- sion plan ready should you find yourself unable to lead it tomorrow." Unfortunately, long-term planning for many sign and digital graphics busi- nesses is, at best, what might happen next year. Do you have an exit strategy for your company? When you are ready to retire, will you just sell off the equipment, lay off your employees, lock the doors and walk away? Will one of your children want to—and maybe more importantly, be qualified to—take over the business? If your plan is to sell the company to a non-family interest, be sure to continue to grow it all the way up to the moment the ink dries on the deal. Stranger things have happened in the eleventh hour. Think of it this way: if you continue to drive the horses—all the way up until the moment you hand over the reins to another competent driver—with the same vigor from the time you first set out on the journey, no one can ever say you allowed the team to stumble across the finish line or end the race with a whimper. Before You Can Ever Help Someone Else… have to help yourself. My mother had several variations on this theme. Before you can love anybody else... before you can listen to anybody else. In my years as a corporate trainer, I've discovered the variation "before you can teach anybody else, you have to teach yourself," to be quite true. Constantly be on the lookout for bet- ter, more efficient ways of doing every- day things. What you do for a customer today may not be good enough tomor- row. Dedicate yourself, your employ- ees and your company to continuous improvement: in the way you serve your customers, how you manufacture your goods and provide your services, and in the ways you manage your business. Have an annual training plan and exercise that plan. View the expense of training your workers as an investment in the company. You should expect to get a return on that investment well within 60 days of any training session. Don't treat training as a one-time event, but consider it part of your company's health program—that vital booster shot, if you will, that will shield your business from debilitating diseases and illnesses. Money Doesn't Grow On Trees… ...but if it did, we wouldn't cut so many down and we'd take better care of them. I loved it when my Mom would pull this one out. Isn't it only common sense to be careful with how a business spends its money? However, if an expense does not have a printed invoice attached to it, many business owners aren't aware of the adverse effect when resources are wasted. Presidents, owners and majority partners are the most frequent violators of this concept when they fail to delegate, feel compelled to roll up their sleeves and do the work themselves, and fail to allow, train or hire someone else to complete a particular everyday function. Shouldn't business owners want to free up their time to work on the company's vision, strategic plan and long-term goals to work on the business, rather than work- ing in the business and getting bogged down in the daily grind—especially when very capable people are already in place willing to figure things out? Earning a client's trust and business, or gaining an employee's respect and loy- alty, can be as tempting and delicious as a dish of homemade manicotti. Register Now: or call 800.560.9941 Charlotte November 2-3, 2018 Education Begins November 1 TRAINING in the HALL Hirsch Solutions Inc .............801 JDS Industries Inc ...............401 PDS Equipment ...................209 TRW ....................................800 TRAINING STOP

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