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36 • November 2018 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S DIGITAL PRINTING AND FINISHING DIGITAL GRAPHICS settings. By grouping jobs together, oper- ators are able to focus on other tasks." Mark Rugen, director of product mar- keting and education at Mutoh America, Phoenix, Arizona, says that between paid jobs, it's time to do some giveaways and kits. "By 'giveaways' we mean samples that can be used to market your ser- vices; creating small items that show off The Mutoh ValueJet 1638X printer was designed for high-qual- ity volume production of sign and display graph- ics, for long-term out- door applications as well as durable prints for indoor use. (Image courtesy of Mutoh America) Phone covers printed using the Roland VersaUV LEF series printer. (Image courtesy of Roland DGA) "The UV market is growing rapidly, and our ADA Braille solutions, along with the ability of our printers to add multiple layered textures, are opening up lucrative new revenue streams for users," says Roland's Kitt Jones. (Image courtesy of Roland DGA) The life-sized standee is a popular flatbed printer applica- tion for retail settings. (Image courtesy of Mimaki USA) your printer's capabilities. This might include a luggage tag or iPhone cover for a desktop UV-LED printer like the Mutoh VJ626. By 'kits' I mean, items that you make ahead of time for sale for walk-in customers. They may be wait- ing for a job they brought in, but while you are packaging it, why not create a stand loaded with some cool 'for sale' kits like an iPhone cover or maybe a vehicle window item. You can make these with equipment such as Mutoh V J 1638x printer and contour cut it with a Mutoh VC1300 vinyl cutter." Learning About Applications "Using your imagination is great, but sometimes you might just need some application ideas," says Rugen. "We rec- ommend checking out Pinterest or other online services where other shops love to post their ideas. Mutoh has even started a new website called where we post 'How-To' videos to help users learn how to use Mutoh printers to get jobs done For example, we have a full video on creating a jig and then using white and varnish inks in our VJ626 UV-LED printer," he adds. Maxwell notes that applications are mostly tied to the ink technology and not the printer itself. "It is always good practice to do research on ink and media compatibility prior to producing a job. Many media manufacturers will offer multi-use media and some will even offer more specialized substrates. Inks, such as solvent and UV-LED, are more prevalent in the market and therefore offer more options and information. Other inks, such as latex, may be more limited in media compatibility and require addi- tional testing and verification." He adds that ultimately, the manufac- turer of the media and the distributor that sells it should be the first place to explore other application options based on the ink and platform of the printer, i.e. flatbed versus roll to roll." "If you want to know how far you can push boundaries in your print envi- ronment, I cannot recommend highly enough having regular meetings with

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