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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • November 2018 • 37 your substrate providers," says Johansen. "These people tend to be on the cutting edge of new substrates and applications available in the wide format market. Substrate providers are always eager to highlight new revenue opportunities or new products you could offer your cus- tomers, because that means selling those substrates to you. They'd love to estab- lish themselves as a trusted partner you can come back to, so they're even further incentivized to enhance your portfolio and help you succeed." Jones agrees that a good place to start is your inkjet dealer or media vendor. "If you're a Roland owner, and you're not currently working with an authorized dealer, you can get a referral by contact- ing a Roland representative." He says that dealers have extensive knowledge of the various trends/markets, what's selling well, and what's happen- ing in the industry, so whether the job is a wall wrap, vehicle wrap, backlit, or a UV application, the reseller should be able provide valuable insights. "Roland DGA also offers a wealth of application ideas and expert tips in the free webi- nars, workflow videos, blogs, and other resources available at the www.rolanddga. com website." Jones adds if you are looking to add new applications and business opportu- nities to your current product offerings, the UV market is a great place to start. "Roland's innovative VersaU V series printers, such as those within the LEF, L E J and L E C series, offer incredible potential for growth and profits. All of our VersaUV models allow users to incor- porate unique textural and dimensional effects into their prints with gloss and white inks." Signage produced on the Mimaki UCJV300 series unit shows unique transition effect. (Image courtesy of Mimaki USA) Front View Back View "High-Value" Options Maxwell says that the most high-value products typically come from UV-cure printer technologies, given the expan- siveness of its capabilities. "With this technology, virtually any surface is print- able. This opens up a world of creative customized products that are easy to pro- duce and very profitable. Additionally, newer developments in how the ink can be layered allows for higher value appli- cations, such as backlits, front/back sig- nage, P.O.P. displays, and transformative images. With Mimaki UV-LED print- ers, any print service providers looking to expand beyond the usual applications without losing those capabilities can do so easily and offer diversification." "I think the biggest value that Roland provides to its customers are solutions," says Jones. "This starts with VersaWorks and VersaWorks Dual software, these RIPs incorporate a host of great tools for maximizing efficiency, convenience and productivity, including automation and hot folders, variable data control, and other great features. For UV-cure and eco-solvent white ink users, the ability to generate gloss or white plate on the fly makes adding either to your file for print a one-click operation. "The U V market is growing rap- idly," continues Jones. "Our ADA Braille solutions, along with the ability of our printers to add multiple layered textures, are opening up lucrative new revenue streams for users. Being able to print on leather, acrylic, metal, stone—virtually any type of media or objects—opens the doorway for inspired entrepreneurs to excel, enter different markets, and culti- vate new business opportunities." Johansen says whether you're printing roll to roll or on rigid material, diversity of substrates opens up opportunities for unique applications that not only create very compelling graphics for the print buyer, but they also create an opportunity for the printer to sell higher-value—and subsequently higher-margin—products. "For example, effect-based printing, utilizing multiple layers of ink, or unique substrates, such as aluminum panels or acrylics, can create high-impact, high- margin graphics," Johansen says. "Health clubs often love the look of direct print onto brushed aluminum panels, because stark letters against aluminum projects strength, a perfect fit for this industry segment. Retailers, meanwhile, might look to enhance their messaging with other stand-out applications, such as day/ night backlits, where the image changes based on light conditions, allowing sig- nage to transform right in front of your audience's eyes," he concludes. SDG Mimaki's UCJV300 series employs UV-LED curing technology to produce a wide variety of applications, from backlits to window clings and more. (Image courtesy of Mimaki USA)

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